Strategic Sales and Marketing provides a full spectrum of services designed to move real estate into the hands of the consumer. Our team of professionals will provide you with the tools you will need to gain the competitive advantage in your marketplace, while optimizing your marketing dollars.


Sales Management

As the face and voice of a community, nothing is more critical than a friendly and knowledgeable sales team that actually knows how to sell. We hire the best in the business to represent you in the sales office, while our experienced managers provide daily community oversight so that you can concentrate on your other priorities.

  • Recruitment & retention of the best salespeople
  • Superior education, coaching, and sales training
  • Seamless sales programs from greeting to closing
  • Continuous sales tracking
  • Lead conversion and traffic analysis
  • Broker referral programs

Real Estate Marketing StrategyMarketing Management

A defined marketing strategy is vital to the ongoing success of a real estate venture and we have the expertise to lead in the implementation of such a plan, as well as guide its evolution over the life of a community. Markets are evolving every day and our team knows how to fulfill the demands of today’s consumer.

  • Product mix recommendations
  • Feature and amenity recommendations
  • Strategic product positioning
  • Marketing team assembly and development
  • Advertising review and positioning
  • Website design review
  • Ongoing marketing team direction and coordination
  • Design and oversight of accelerated sales events

Real Estate Market ResearchMarket Research

Up-to-date, accurate market research serves as a backbone to the myriads of decisions guiding the development and forward progress of a community. Our extensive market knowledge and research analytics will provide you with the information to determine product types/mixes, target markets, price tipping points, and how to use it all to keep buyers coming through the door. Together we can help you minimize risk and maximize your profitability.

  • Competitive value ratio studies
  • Resale/MLS activity reports
  • Market gap analysis
  • Pricing and Absorption recommendations
  • Buyer profiles
  • Demographic and Psychographic analysis
  • Features and amenities studies
  • Architectural design development critique and review
  • Value engineering

Real Estate LeasingLeasing

We offer a wide range of leasing services for any multi-unit community, starting with a detailed leasing plan designed to optimize both your marketing budget and your lead conversion rates. Some of our leasing services include:

  • Rental studies designed to analyze area rental rates
  • Full service leasing and tours
  • Contract review and delivery
  • Renter surveys and tenant profiles
  • Marketing critique and recommendations
  • Community cross promotion